Forget about all those drugs, suppositories, concoctions that you have tried before...

You Can Shrink Your Hemorrhoids and Get Complete Relief From Piles...

The Secret Is In this "Strange" But Powerful Ancient Herb

by UNCLE JUSTIN | Piles Expert | 13,846 Views

Dear friend,

If you are sick and tired of piles and its terrible symptoms (e.g severe rectal pain, bleeding through the anus during and after defecation etc), you are about to discover a unique remedy that will give you total relief.

Let me explain:

The strange looking herb you are looking at is known as Uvaria Chamae and it holds the key to giving you complete relief from Piles if you follow the instructions on this webpage.


First, it is important that you understand that this isn't one of those online articles that lack proof.

This treatment is based on both scientific research and human proof (as experienced by us and our customers)

This strange herb (Uvaria Chamae) happens to be one of the long forgotten "miracle herbs" that our fore fathers depended on to treat very stubborn ailments which has now been re-discovered.

And this herb provides relief from piles because it contains several medically active compounds like oleo-resin, alkaloids, tannins etc which are responsible for its powerful medicinal properties.

But before you rush off and start looking for this herb, here is something you ought to know about getting total relief from piles.

A Complete Pile Treatment Has to Be in 3 Phases For It to Be Effective.

The 3 Phases Are:

(1) Internal treatment from within to fight the condition from its root and also eliminate symptoms.

(2) Building of new cells to speed up recovery.

(3) And shrinking of the piles if you have it outside.


Here is How You Can Start Using This Herb and Others to Completely Get Rid of Hemorrhoids:

For your convenience, we have provided the 3 NAFDAC approved products that contain these herbs so that you can start using them immediately to tackle each phase of the Piles treatment.

When you combine these 3 products and use them the way we recommend, you will be able to get total relief from piles within 3 days upwards depending on the pile stage you are dealing with and your body system.

All the 3 products are made from Natural ingredients and have no side effects (Not recommended for pregnant women and people with advanced dysentery)

The 3 Products Included in This Natural Piles Solution Are:

(Please Note: In cases where the exact supplement[s] is/are not available, you will get the closest substitute that will perform the functions of the ones replaced.

In other words, you MAY not always get all the products in the same order, but rest assured you will get similar results when products is consumed. E.g Aloe Gelly may be substituted with Aloe Lip.)


Yoyo Bitters - Which is a mixture of the strange herb in this article (Uvaria chamae) along with 2 other powerful medicinal herbs to help you fight Piles from the inside.

Nature Min - A natural supplement containing important minerals like calcium, iron, hemoglobin, magnesium in proper proportions. These minerals improve body processes.

Aloe Vera Gelly - Aloe Vera gelly is made up of glycoproteins and polysaccharides. Glycoproteins are said to reduce pain and inflammation while Polysaccharides stimulate skin repair.

This is applied externally in the anus to soothe skin irritation and shrink hemorrhoids.

Ever since we released this natural solution, we have received several calls and mails from people who are happy that it works.


The complete pack for the Natural Piles Solution is made up of the following:

(a) 2 bottles of Yoyo Bitters

(b) 1 bottle of Nature Min

(c) 1 tube of Aloe Vera Gelly

Everything costs N24,000 only

Half of it costs N19,000

But it is advisable that you get the full complete pack instead to save money.

But In Case You Think N24,000 is Too Much, Here is What You Should Know:

The longer your pile condition gets, the more likely it is to lead to surgery as the only means possible to eliminate it.

And the bad news about surgery is that apart from the risk of life involved, you should also be ready to spend a huge amount of money from N250,000 and above.

Plus surgery could also lead to some very bad complications.

For instance, as a man, you could lose the use of your penis from surgical operations and no amount of money will help you gain it back.

I am not trying to scare you.

That is just the truth.

Again, in the words of Dr Gilbert Ezengige, nature can cure all and surgery should be avoided.

Here is How to Order For the Natural Piles Solution:

I have just 9 pieces of the natural piles solution right now. They all sell for =N=24,000 each. However, last night I spoke with my American supplier who is supposed to send in 20 more packs this week and he told me the price of the products have gone up due to fluctuations in the money market. So once the 9 pieces I have now runs out. Every other person who buys the second 20 set coming in this week would have to pay =N=42,000. Considering the fact that this message is going out to over 10,000 readers across the country I guess the chances of getting 9 buyers is very high and most likely won't last long so for you to be amongst the 9 to buy these natural piles solution for =N=24,000, follow the instructions below right now;

All orders are pay on delivery meaning you don't pay until we deliver to you.

And we deliver nationwide only in Nigeria.

Order for this natural piles solution now by sending the information below (as a text message) to 08109284880 (Price=N=24,000)

(a) Natural Piles Solution
(b) Your Full Name
(c) Your Full Delivery address
(d) Your Phone Number

(e) Your Valid email address

Once we receive your details, our agent will call you to confirm your order and address.

After that, your Piles Solution will be sent immediately in a discreet package (including a usage guide) and you will receive it within 1-5 days depending on your location.

You can also come to our office at Ikeja to pick it up if you want to.

Just give us a call on 08109284880 (Price=N=24,000) (Mon - Friday, 9am - 5pm)



I wish you better health in every part of your body.


P.S: We understand the importance of PRIVACY. Your package will be discreet and no one will be able to understand what the package is all about.

P.P.S: Don't wait a moment. This is about your health. Order now.

Disclaimer: is not in anyway affiliated with or link to Dr Gilbert Ezengige. The quote attributed to Dr Gilbert on this page is taken from this article on The Nation Online

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